993963_10103729849174174_1073686118_nDuring summer 2016, I am teaching with the Interdisciplinary Field Program at the University of Georgia (UGA IFP). I am teaching poetry and traveling, camping, and hiking, with students, as well as geology, anthropology, and ecology instructors.


Graduate Student Instructor, University of Georgia, 2014–present

English 3800H: Introductory multi-genre creative writing workshop for honors students.

English 3800, Interdisciplinary Field Program or “IFP.” Summer creative writing course taught in interndisciplinary, traveling summer program (along with geology, anthropology, and ecology). Travels to national parks and points of interest in the south and American West.

English 1102: Literature-based composition.

English 1101: A Sense of Place. Designed and taught a first-year composition course centered around connection to place, homeplaces, travel, and environmental stewardship/sustainability.

Graduate Student Instructor, Iowa State University, 2011–2014

English 150, 250, Taught multimodal composition courses focused around written, visual, oral, and electronic communication.

English 250: Our Global Environment. Designed and taught an environmental composition course that looks at environmental justice, homeplaces, and environmental activism.

English 250: Language of Science. Taught a science-based learning community a composition course themed around the communication and miscommunication of scientific topics to global audiences.

English 250: Rereading America. Designed and taught a composition course themed around how critical thinking can be applied to American culture and politics.

English 150: Understanding Place. Taught a composition course based around understanding and analyzing local environments.

English 207: Facilitated beginning-level undergraduate creative writing workshop.


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